pátek 16. září 2011


Na přelomu července a srpna nám bůh dopřál trochu té vody a tak se podařilo jeden víkend lítat na Mumlavě a Jizeře a další na Smědé..

Czech Summer Storms from rzph on Vimeo.

čtvrtek 15. září 2011

úterý 29. března 2011

Rocks and Water SnowKayak

Video ze zimního poježdění v Jizerských horách

ELEMENT 27 G2 from 4Elements on Vimeo.

pondělí 24. ledna 2011

Mission Norway Vol. III

The land of trolls, deep fjords and raindeers – These are the words which come to your mind when you start thinking about Norway. However, kayakers have slightly different idea of it. They think about white water, the smell of used neoprene and reward for the whole year work. It's almost a tradition that we visit Norway every summer, so that we set out on our trip this year, too, with my friends Snizak and Civa.

When we came to Voss we realised that water level stage is suitable for us. For this reason we tried the lower Myrkdalselvi, which is the best known river in this area. Because of bad weather conditions – it was not raining and the water level was not raising – we couldn't enjoy the rest of rivers as well as this one.

During the other days it started to rain so we decided to repeat the Raundaselvi and the Bramseth. Then we left to Songdal valley. The24 metres high waterfalls didn't have much water but they were still pushy. As well as the rest of the river.

After short relaxation we agreed to go down the Veo river. Water level was ideal, so we drove through the National park Jotunheim to the place where we supposed to start. There we found out that there are two kilometres left by foot and we shot ahead. We expected the beautiful ride but unfortunately it didn't happen. We stopped after three kilometres and we decided to go back. By foot again. It was horrible way, there were tonnes of mosquitos which were really interested in our blood.

After we went through the heeling process because of dozens of mosquito-bites we were absolutely prepared for the Sjoa river festival competition. I fighted the eight place in qualification but that would have to happen our flight tickets were booked the day before the real race was so I didn't have chance to try to get a good score.

In spite of this little dissapointment I really enjoyed the trip and I hope that next year I will be able to take part in this race and maybe be succesful!

Honza ,,Muska" Musil

pátek 7. ledna 2011

Rocks&Water: promítání filmů a fotek ze sezony 2010

Ahoj všichni, chtěl bych Vás pozvat na promítání filmů z pádlování po Turecku, Norsku a Nepálu od Vojty Hejtmánka a Petra Čivrného. Také uvidíte ty nejzajimavější fotky z těchto akcí o které jsem se postaral já s Petrem Snížkem. Akce se koná ve čtvrtek 20.1 v Jablonci nad Nisou v Klubu Na Rampě od 20:00. Takže Ahoj Na Rampě. Honza Musil